Monica Leak



Monica Leak is a graduate of:

·        Appalachian State University with a Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders

·        South Carolina State University with a Master of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology

·         North Carolina Central University with a Master of Library Science

·        John Leland Center for Theological Studies with a Master of Divinity

She is the editor and a contributing writer of:

Faith of our Founders 100 Daily Devotionals to Inspire, Encourage and Propel the Finer Woman

She contributed writings for Lenten devotionals The Road to Calvary Surviving a Season of Suffering and the 2018, 2019 and 2020 editions of Resipiscence, a Lenten Devotional for Dismantling White Supremacy

Her latest projects include a contribution to an anthology, Purpose Pushers: The Journey of Discovering & Walking in Your Life’s Purpose   

Solo Projects

·        No More Hashtags Remembrance and Reflections published by Xlibris in 2018.

·        No More Hashtags: Who You Calling? a follow up collection of poetry published December 2019.


She currently works as a speech-language pathologist in southern Maryland and as a seminary librarian in northern Virginia.

Book Descriptions

No More Hashtags: Remembrance and Reflections

You have seen the headlines. You have heard the names. You have followed the hashtags, which trend for a moment but quickly forgotten. This collection is one of reflection and remembrance of those people’s voices death has silenced, has gone unheard, and for whom justice is yet being demanded.

Faith of Our Founders 100 daily Devotionals to Inspire, Encourage and Propel the Finer Woman

I was a part of a conference call describing the Journey to Centennial. I was excited to hear all the plans in the works and opportunities to serve. During the call, I asked myself what about the clergy? The call ended, and I had that light-bulb moment. I drafted a proposal for the writing of a devotional that same night and submitted it before I had a chance to self-sabotage. That single moment of saying yes to what I felt the spirit of God calling me to do has propelled me on this journey of rekindling my faith in God and discovering the faith of our founders, who set forth principles that would guide us for the time to come. While the journey has not been easy and met with challenges, it has been worthwhile by this project’s outstanding contributing sorors of whom I have the most love and respect: Minister Teraleen Campbell, Rev. Barbaina Houston-Black, Rev. Pamela N. Lewis and Rev. Pamela Lyons. Sorors—may you find within this devotional words to heal, uplift, and encourage you in your life’s journey. MINISTER MONICA M. LEAK.

No More Hashtags: Who You Calling?

Why do black and brown shades of humanity result in so much intimidation and fear?

A supposed threat to America that whose history many holds as sacred and dear.

Four hundred years later still fighting for liberty and justice for all;

Only to become victim to white fragility through these unnecessary phone calls.

The stories are never ending; this collection like the one prior and overflowing cup,

Can we just live our best lives? Now that’s what’s up.

Resipiscence, a Lenten Devotional for Dismantling White Supremacy 2019

This Lent, we can reflect deeply on how white supremacy has infected our lives and our communities, and we have the opportunity to repent. This Lent, we invite you to be part of the RESIPISCENCE community. We have gathered here a widely ranging collection of daily reflections from a diverse group of contributors—diverse in identities, theologies, and experiences—and every one of them has something to say about how we dismantle white supremacy and all the institutions, laws, policies, habits, and ideologies that perpetuate it. The book is organized by week, and each section contains seven reflections on the scriptures for the following Sunday. We created this book in 2019 and it follows the Lenten lectionary for Year C. It is a collaborative project of Movement in Faith, Transform Network, Seminary of the Street.

Resipiscence, a Lenten Devotional for Dismantling White Supremacy 2018

“Resipiscence,” is defined as, “a change of mind or heart, reformation, a return to a sane, sound, or corrected view or position” (Merriam-Webster). The contributors within these pages called for a change of both mind and heart in the way we love or do not love our neighbor, a reform in oppressive structural institutions, and considering the national political tone, a resolute call for a return to a corrected view of what and who made, makes, and will make this country great.

Purpose Pushers: The Journey of Discovering & Walking in Your Life’s Purpose

Purpose Pushers: The Journey of Discovering & Walking in Your Life’s Purpose is a peak into the private lives of 20 remarkable women. They have dared to share their most intimate thoughts and feelings about significant moments that pushed them towards purpose. This book will help you identify your stage in life and inspire you to create your next steps toward purpose so that you too can become a Purpose Pusher!