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Book Proposal Questionnaire
Take your time and answer these questions. Convince us your goal is to complete a published book. Think about it this way. Your book is a diamond in the rough, right? Refine it to where it catches the eye of the publisher. The book proposal is the platform to display your diamond so that it glows. The Pharside Publishing Team will email you back with our decision.
We know one way will be the book format. But will you have a podcast, blog, speak at book clubs, Zoom chats, connect with like-minded authors and do a showcase, spoken word, etc.
Upload the first chapter of your manuscript to and make sure the link is shareable and add it here.

PharSide’s Editing Projects

o   Nothing New Under the Sun: A Book for Thought Leaders and Teachers
(Kindle Edition) by Lauren G Reliford

o   Becoming an Alchemist: Understanding Your Alchemy
(Kindle Edition) by Lauren G Reliford

o   God’s Battle Your W.A.R.: Women After Righteousness by
Sherrell Attaway

o   How I Loved Myself
by Lana M Hooks

o   Dirty Breath: Trapped by Rejection
by Lana M Hooks

o   No More Hashtags: Remembrance and Reflections
by Monica Leak

o   I Didn’t Make it to the End Zone: My Mis-Managed Marriage
(1st Edition) by Terri Brown

o   And the World Didn’t End
by Janel Reliford