They hacked our website in 2020; all information lost, and we had to start from scratch.

At first, we were angry, but then we thought about what was happening worldwide…

A pandemic, people losing their employment, entrepreneurship rising, loved one’s dying, compartmentalized living, social distancing, working from home, police lynching, presidential election, Black Lives Matter movement, racial wars, and international solidarity.

Our world, it seemed, was going in reverse, but we believed the Universe was shouting…

Stop! Slow down! Sit down! Reflect on your life’s choices.

These were the questions we asked ourselves and each other. We knew we were all experiencing a ‘hard reset’ in every area of our lives.

Culturally, economically, politically, religiously, socially our lives are forever affected in the aforementioned areas.


PharSide is seeking voices affected by this shift.

The genre you choose is the genre you choose. PharSide’s goal is to ensure that your words attract your tribe. We do not edit your voice. We streamline, organize content, and check for usage of grammar that show not tell where it applies.

PharSide invites you to add your name to the roster of authors.

Carefully read our services we offer and see which one speaks to you intuitively. We want to make sure that we are a fit for you and vice versa.

Again, Welcome to PharSide Coed Book Club, Inc.